Why Do Garden Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Taste Better Than Store Bought?


Today we are going to discuss an interesting phenomena that many of use have experiences in our garden. You take a bight of that tomato, apple or carrot and …


  1. Great information, Stephen! The toughest thing about the winter for me
    isn’t the cold and snow, it’s waiting for that fresh garden produce!

  2. Thanks Stephen! I could not agree more! Sometimes I even pick that “first
    tomato” before it is completely ripe (can’t wait any longer) and it still
    tastes better than anything at the store. :) Another vegetable which has a
    flavor explosion when picked fresh is the Sugar Snap Pea. :)

  3. Really liked how you closed the video where you brought the 3 together
    nicely! Great video Stephen was very interesting information and makes me
    miss fresh fruits and vegetables so much! Nice to see some snow how deep is
    it with you?

  4. hi Steven my name is Paul I live in Edmonton was just curious as to where
    you are i am and will be doing my 2nd yr of a garden and am curious as to
    when you start your seedlings and when you start your planting season thank
    you really enjoy your videos thanks to CaliKim for pointing me in your
    direction .

  5. Agreed… If we want better produce, the onus is on us to produce it… The
    “problems” you state concerning store bought produce, were actually the
    “solutions” to supplying it at low cost, in large volumes, to a vast
    numbers of people, living great distances away from where that produce was
    grown 😉 As +Patrick Dolan has re-coined; If we desire change in our own
    lives, we need begin with our own “one yard revolution”. As in many areas
    of our lives, greater responsibility should lie at our own door steps…
    Governments do what they do, to keep things rolling… The paradigms of
    modern agriculture and large corporations, have come about by simply
    filling voids that we as individuals have left behind. 😉 … Thanks for
    your research… Chris

  6. Don’t forget your garden usually has better quality soil compared to
    over-farmed mono crop chemically fertilized fields, so you get more
    nutrients and a more complete flavor profile with home grown. Also being
    picked before ripeness is a huge factor for fruit crops, but even with
    crops like leafy greens and root veggies, the time taken for processing,
    shipping, being on display at the store, sitting in your fridge etc has a
    negative effect on flavor also. Freshly harvested salad greens taste
    amazing compared to pre washed pre packaged salad greens which taste almost
    rotten- and the difference is freshness & the span of time between being
    picked and being eaten.

  7. Can’t argue with you… I do feel the difference between home growing and
    grocery product. Home growing is the best. Thanks Steve… 

  8. Stephen, will said. Great video! I say the same thing to anyone interested
    in starting a home garden – your food will taste so much better and likely
    be more nutrient dense. Although, you explain it much better than I do.
    LOL Do you test most(or all) of your fruits and veggies with a

  9. Hi Stephen
    I also heard somebody say (think it was hugh fearnley whittingstal) that as
    soon as you pick a pea, it starts converting sugars to starch. So even when
    you pick your veggies, be sure to use them as quickly as you can. The
    fresher the better (ofcourse when making fermented foods, this does not
    apply :o))

  10. Absolutely, Stephen! There are many folks that would argue that point, but
    as you know, in many of my videos, I have invited anyone to test the theory
    that picking at “first blush” tastes the same as vine ripened! It does not,
    by far! Great video, my friend!

  11. It’s so easy to know about home grown tomato goodness but I had some
    carrots and potatoes that were home grown and believe it or not I was blown
    away. I didn’t even know my aunt had grown them so there wasn’t any pride
    in production, just perfect freshness.

  12. I hope everyone got the last part! I have said that even the worst tasting
    vegetable from the garden, will taste better than the best store bought
    one. I truly believe that everything you said is spot on correct. great

  13. I never had a chance to taste a tomato right from the plant (yet!)
    I hope taste soon the difference between my tomato and the supermarket one
    (growing 20+ tomatoes on one plant ftw but they’re still green and small)