Earth Sheltered Solar House From Recycled Barn Beams


This house was built in 1986 on top of a hill from mostly recycled materials- barn beams & steel & 3 cedar corn silos. There are 25 cubic meters of concrete …


  1. What a beautiful home. Every human should learn how to build a beautiful
    home such as this, rather than learning how to toil as drudges in the
    corporate world.

    Congratulations, Glenn.

  2. watching videos of people who have successfully built beautiful homes for
    less than 50,000 always makes me depressed… I wish with every fiber of my
    being that I could live in a house I built with my own two hands… but I
    need land, i owe more on my townhome than it’s worth, the association is
    tacking 40,000 dollars onto the price to fix foundation problems… but
    where I live, land is really expensive, not to mention the millions of
    codes that don’t allow people to build their own homes….

  3. cool house, wonder how much that would cost in todays market, warn people
    about the music holy crap you had me rushing for the volume control that is
    just brutal to listen too

  4. $3000 paid for the beams, 3 silos, concrete & concrete block walls,
    protecting the 3 roofs with recycled steel from the barns. I ran out of
    money & the house sat for a year with no glass, insulation or finished
    interior. With threats of demolition from the municipality, I finished it
    in a year for about $40,000 more in 1986 Canadian $

  5. Well I think we’re in the right place. I’m planning to build a mostly earth
    house here 45 mins. east of Cleveland Ohio. I’ll be buying used brick for
    the walls that are exposed. If anyone would like to help me or has words of
    wisdom you can write me on here. It will be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

  6. Do you have any dampness/mold problems? And how is the air quality
    inside…I’ve heard there can be problems with higher radon levels. Also do
    you have any bugs problems – more so then conventional homes?

  7. Its as amazing as when you let us through in Novemeber 05 ! And the great
    music… do you listen to Sam Larkin ? He’s an Ontario boy… Cheers from
    Thomas, Eva, Filip, and soon to be here Laura.

  8. hey glenn, good to hear from you. the house looks wonderful. reminds me of
    our place on St. Norbert – not!… love the soundtrack too. xo john

  9. All the beams sit on a recycled galvanized roofing square sandwiched
    between tarpaper layers on the 24 inch wide concrete footings .The wood
    stays dry so fungus & bugs are not a problem

  10. How much did all this cost to build? I’d imagine the beams were cheap if
    not free, but there’s more going on there than just beams. Being that you
    did all the work yourself I’m guessing very little was spent on any kind of
    labor. Still beautiful and impressive house.