DIY Tilapia Small Scale Aquaculture System – Vid # 4


Almost Finished.


  1. Hi Steve, its me again. I know I know. But I noticed in this video the food
    you were using. I bought my tilapia from them and some food. Just recently
    switched over to Southern States’s catfish feed. Its got the protien. 50#’s
    for like $18. Hope this helps.

  2. Very nice set up, I wish I can make same set up myself but everything here
    on Guam is very limited and costly, I have two ibc tote container but still
    not so good for a start. Again very nice set you got there.

  3. @xxpyscospazxx Your right! We have ripped out all of the glass tanks on the
    left side of the room and are going to install 6 more poly tanks to
    accommodate all the fry.

  4. @fenteng43 I don,t know how many times a year yet but we have seen the mama
    lay her eggs then incubate them in her mouth (about 150 of them for about 1
    1/2 weeks) then spit them out swimming and 2 weeks later she might have a
    mouth full again.

  5. Thanks for the reply, I have 3 crayfish and 5 neon, internal filter,
    heater, a very slow oxygen bubbler and keep the florescent on 24/7resting
    directly on it. Just recently, I put the filter on timer so to keep the
    water still for some time. The fish don’t eat the duck weed at all, I
    intend to feed the duck weed to my tilapias and you’re one of my
    inspirations, I love your old set up and your new is desirable to me, but
    it will cost me a lot of money to have a setup.

  6. How much flow do you have in the tank? It doesn’t take much. Are you
    circulating water from your fish tank to the duckweed tank? It needs some
    fertilizer. Do you have fish in the tank? If so are they eating it? How
    much light are you providing and how high above the tank is it? We let the
    florescent lights rest directly on the tank and they are lit 16 hours a day.

  7. ooh kk .. gotcha . meh and my big brother looking to start a tilapia farm
    in Ghana (west africa) n were looking to collect the eggs from the mama’s
    and artifically incubate them .. wif that im pretty sure the mama;s gonna
    have an empty mouths to eat n lay eggs again ..

  8. @fishandworms Thanks Steve, your youtube name gave it away though. I didnt
    know you responded cause you didnt click the respond button next to my
    comment. So i was never notified. I dumped some worms in my growbeds about
    a week ago, their still alive, i saw some when i was doing some planting
    the other day. And I just cleaned my PVC and glued it, seems fine. Do you
    have any space outside you could setup and outdoor aquaponic system? Check
    out one of my subscriptions, his name is dwiggs##.

  9. Hello im looking for the temp controlers where did you find the ones you
    have to run the water heater elements at? Thanks

  10. oooh wow and its that consistant afta she started having eggs n fingerlings
    or does she take a break ones in a while??

  11. @fishandworms I love your setup! very nicely done, i’m working on a
    freshwater shrimp operation right now, where did you find your 30 gallon
    tanks for so cheap??