First Day of Fall Apple Picking


Just decided to go apple picking late in the day. Had a great time on the first day of fall. Get out there and enjoy it.


  1. Next week are the yellow delicious in our area. I like the apples to pop
    when you eat them, delicious are good but I prefer the empire or macs. We
    go as a family to some local farms to get maple syrup, that is a good time
    too. There is a farm our in Spencerport we go too, they have a sugar shack
    and its pretty cool.

  2. Its Maple Grove farms, its actually in Clarendon I guess. Google it, during
    Maple weekend when the daytime temps are above freezing and the nighttime
    temps are below, the sap runs. Get some maple cream, its great on toast.
    Good stuff.

  3. Nice to see you enjoying some family time. Growing up, my family use to
    have a tradition of going cherry picking every July. I tried to continue
    with my wife and kids, but we don’t go every year. It’s nice to see your
    area had a good apple season. I have a few fruit trees in my back yard and
    the frost after blossom killed all of my apple, peach and pear buds. Now it
    appears my peach tree has died all together as the leaves fell off in July.
    The apple and pear are still looking healthy.

  4. Go when they are first ready, check online for your area. They are the bomb
    with this hot dry summer. All sugar. Man they are good.

  5. Cool. That’s where I am from, Spencerport. I graduated from Spencerport and
    my kids go there too. Which farm in Spencerport?

  6. All of our apple blossoms were killed by the frost this year, so no apples
    for us :-( Good to see you having a great family day at the orchard.