Country Wisdom & Know How Book Review for Homesteading


A very comprehensive book for the homestead for less than . Plenty of good ideas for prepping and homesteading.


  1. I purchased this book about two years ago. Great to have for simple but not
    ALWAYS necessary to memorize information. Used it to help with some of my

    I was very surprised about all of the poultice and salve ?sp? recipes in

    Kinda irked about the actual size of the book though…

  2. i have had that book for a few year also check out the survival wisdom and
    know how it has land nav, how to make backpacking food at home, and alot of
    other stuff thats good for the prepper it the same size though

  3. good book to have / I have ” 5 acres and independent ” 1940s something
    edition and its not that complete as that one 

  4. Great book. As for whether it is appropriate for prepping or not. In my
    opinion, accumulated knowledge on a wide range of subjects – more, perhaps,
    as to what not to do rather than what to do, sometimes – is the greatest
    prep we can have. Also, it depends upon the duration of the event you are
    preparing for, an economic collapse or super volcano eruption for example
    which may require many of those skills for long term survival. Just my
    opinion, of course. Thanks for sharing.

  5. there is a whole series of those books, one for survival, herbs, crafts and
    gardening, ands those are just the ones i own. all in the same info dense,
    huge book-small print format as the country wisdom book :-)

  6. Absolutely! Thumbs up on this book and to you for your review. Bought it
    couple 3 years ago at Tractor Supply. Crammed full of practical
    information, regardless of the location/size of a “homestead”. Lye soap and
    candles can be made in an apartment, for example. The parallel to this book
    is earlier version’s of Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living.
    Although it’s falling apart, bought mine sometime in the 1970’s. Well used,
    over the years. As was the copy we gave to our neighbors, as a housewarming
    gift, shortly after buying our copy. (My understanding, right or wrong, is
    that in recent years it’s been “modernized” too much.)

    Was surprised, when I found Country Wisdom at TS. A new publication, with
    the same focus as Carla’s. IMO, the only downside to this one, are these
    old eyes & fine print. Thus, an e-version would be a great supplement to
    the hardcopy.

    Thanks for sharing. 

  7. I’ll have to get one of those, a great go to book for the basics at least
    to get you pointed in the right direction.