Container Garden Update #3, 1.5 Months


Okay, it’s been since March 8th since I planted these tomatoes. The peppers were about a week later I think. What do you think? I’m pretty excited over the s…


  1. @gloorbit no I don’t. I just used a hose every couple of days. I would
    recommend a syphon type system attached to a reservoir with a float valve
    to maintain ideal water level in all buckets. I bought the parts and will
    construct them for the spring. Definitely a good way to do tomatoes. Watch
    the last installment and you’ll get a few other pieces of advice from this

  2. the romas will put all their tomatoes at one time(2 week period) ,, they
    are determinate unlike the others. don’t worry about the leaves ,, all
    tomatoes have very different leaves ,,some stay droopy and wispy ,,some
    have potato leaves , some dark , some light. some have heavy coverage ,
    some are almost scraggly. as long as the plant is growing and blooming
    ,,keep rocking

  3. Very cool.. planted mine about 2 weeks ago from seed and they are all
    starting to bloom now.. I need to make an updated video :) Going to be
    great to eat my own stuff this year. I am using the big walmart tubs for

  4. @neoprepper Nice video buddy and great looking plants. Hit Aemricangamefowl
    up he can and will gladly help you out with the plat issues or grab a
    Rodale’s Problem Solver book they are great help, peace!

  5. Nice job. I’ve never grown in buckets. Do ye have an automated water setup
    or just head in there with a water bucket? Maybe I could save some water
    doing it this way.

  6. @stymye That’s what I figured, all of them have different leaves but they
    seem to be happy and blooming like crazy so…. Let it roll! Can’t wait to
    eat them all. Yeah, gonna try canning/saucing the Romas. Thats why I got
    them (determinate). I like them sliced just as well though. Really looking
    forward to trying the heirloom tomatoes, I’ll bet they are delicious.

  7. @desertprepper1 well, we’ll see how they do. The roots grow through holes
    inside first bucket and the outside bucket is a water reservoir. Root won’t
    be growing out of it. Fertilizer ring on top for nutrients. Check out other
    vids and you’ll see. Thanks for the input!

  8. @BLACKHEARTSE7EN lol, I hear ya! It’s only in the mid 80’s or so here…
    I’ll eat a ‘mater sandwich for ya in a few weeks.

  9. I grew tomatoes last year in the 5 gallon plant pots you get trees and such
    in. They did fairly well, the roots did go out the holes in the sides, and
    went deep into the soil. If you dont have big enough holes in the buckets
    they will become rootbound and die off. Sorry I havent watched the earlier
    vids yet to see if you made holes in them. Also amend the soil under the
    buckets so when the roots get through, they get more nutrients. I found
    that in the pots, they deplete the soil rather fast.

  10. @awomansworld123 Oh yeah, they came in nicely! Already harvested about 35
    or so Roma’s, a few of the others. Have a squirrel that like my tomatoes as
    much as I do! Keeps eating the good ones. :)

  11. @Iridium242 My parents used those big tubs and I think they put two plants
    in each. The did really well. Dad emptied them and found a bunch of night
    crawlers in his. May be worth getting some down at the bait store, their
    castings make great fertilizer.

  12. @minbound Thanks! I may do that. Just seems like the leaves on that plant
    should be darker and larger than they are. The blooms are busting out
    though so it must be fairly healthy and happy. Just bought some “ugly
    tomatoes” the other day and I’m gonna try harvesting some seeds out of them
    to see if they’ll grow. They are heirloom but I’m not sure if they’ve been
    radiated or not. Hope not, they are spectacularly tasty.