Container Garden Finale


Last video on this season’s container garden. Hope you’ve enjoyed watching my plants grow!


  1. squares eat tomatoes because they are thirsty. All you have to do to keep
    the squares away from the tomatoes is to leave a pan of water out for them
    to drink from.

  2. add shade and continue sea shells here in Florida there a another starting
    now for the fall i would just trim them back to about half the size and go
    again take the three or four suckers and start them in new pots

  3. @AnnBearForFreedom Not sure, never saw any worms but after they were pretty
    much done I stopped paying attention so the worms may have been the culprit
    at that point. We have some giant grasshoppers down here that will cut the
    leaves off of plants like that. Either way if I’d had a BB gun handy and
    saw them I’d still have leaves! lol…

  4. @mrgreenjeans328 LOL, it is but I need to put up a screen to cut the sun
    down in mid summer. The sun is just too hot in mid summer. I’m keeping the
    squirrel around for much needed protein down the road! lol… May have to
    get a cat to keep the squirrels away! Re-planting soon I think, gotta check
    the “when” for the fall garden.

  5. Great video as always! It was a long series but well worth it. Your garden
    was growing pretty well for 90° heat. Up here in ny my moms tomatos grew a
    little better than yours but we had a wicked heat wave as well. Thanks for

  6. @minbound When I was a kid I remember my Dad adding bone meal and lime to
    the soil in our garden. I guess this is why. Most of the Roma tomatoes were
    half the size they should have been. They were excellent in taste, but

  7. Glad it worked out well for you and” bonus” you learned a couple of new
    things about gardening I think.Its always an experiment. I wish we could
    have Fall gardens here but we get 180 days to grow and thats it. No second

  8. @usfreedom22 LOL, yeah, it’s been awhile! New girlfriend keeps me a little
    more occupied… Kayaking and fishing, etc… Yeah, tomatoes are FRIED.
    Gotta see when we can plant for the fall and what to plant. Time to expand
    this plan. Also want to put in some fruit trees but not sure when to plant
    them either.

  9. Never give up and Never surrender. I applaud you for doing it at all. So
    many of us in this country don’t even try and I would give anything to do
    it myself if my apartment people weren’t so strict. As it is I only plant
    herbs and things that can thrive in my small windows. So keep it up.

  10. Instead of grasshoppers, its likely that the critters that got your ‘maters
    were tomato hornworms. No real way to prevent them, just gotta pick off the
    caterpillars once they hatch. But I’m glad you got what you wanted/needed
    out of the plants, despite the bugs. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. neo I live in Fla too and I didnt have this problem. The problem is, the
    roots extend out to the edges of the bucket – the buckets are kind of dark
    color – they are getting fried….. If u HAVE to keep tomatoes in a bucket,
    wrap them in something white _ Like styro packing and they wont die. Those
    are really bad – its not what ur adding or not adding – they were getting

  12. the cat is more likely to make friends with the squirrel. we have one who
    comes to the bedroom widow and chirps til my oldest cat, the huntress, who
    usually brings home her own dinner, goes outside to play with the squirrel.
    Do you have more videos on container gardening? these were GREAT!!