Cognitive Brain Booster Enhancer Live Juice + E3LIVE Liquid Blue Green Algae


Certain foods are known to enhance brain function. What happens when you juice those foods together and add E3LIVE “Brain On” (world’s best blue green algae)…


  1. I paid $50 for a bottle but that’s cause I purchased it at a local health
    food store and it was marked up (you can buy 6 bottles from E3live dot
    com’s web page for 204 dollars including shipping). That’s less than 35
    dollars a bottle. If you buy regular E3live, it’s 172 dollars for 6 bottles
    (free shipping). Regular E3live is great as well, but the “Brain On” is a
    little more mood and brain enhancing. I like a product called Simplexity
    Omega Sun even better than E3live, which costs $50 a bottle.

  2. Yo. I am considering buying the ‘brain on’. It is very expensive though.
    How much do you pay for yours? I have found some at various prices but I
    know which one is the best from other youtube vids. What would you say the
    most noticeable affects are? I am very intrigued but the price is putting
    me off for now. I may wait until I have more money but I will definitely
    try this at some point.

  3. Thanks a lot. I haven’t had any E3live for a year. I agree it’s very
    expensive and not necessary if I drink green veggie juice everyday. I think
    the Omega sun is perhaps slightly better than E3live but you have to
    purchase it straight from the company (just do a google search on:
    “Simplexity Omega Sun” to find out more).

  4. Thanks for introducing me to e3 live, can’t wait to try this juice… just
    need to stop by the produce aisle.

  5. Hi dude, cool juice! I know quite well how Great e3 live blue/green algae
    is! and would most definitely get some myself if it did’not cost so much,
    I’m already eating as much raw smoothie/juice as possible with things like
    msm,maca,bee pollen,spirulina/chlorella and all sorts of tonic herbs. But I
    am intrigued with your comment about this Omega Sun! So could you give me
    your opinion of this product? would be Ausome man! Thank you