New Build Wind Turbine


After the storm a couple of months back brought down my other backyard wind turbine, the opportunity arose to build another. I was looking for a stepper moto…


  1. Thanks Brad. Oh might laugh how I did that..lined up the cog of the motor
    with the fan hub, as cog was still on from printer removal then used
    superglue to test. Spun it up in reverse as a fan by using a 12V batt and
    then secured with Fix-All. Needs a screw through the front then it’s done,
    only has vibration at several hundred RPM (faster than any normal wind)
    though may properly balance it. Used 1A dead on as a fan and kicked some
    air out !

  2. Yeah, I’m just hoping to light at least 2 led’s. I’m going to use 2 of the
    4-5 phases. I’m going to use 2 1- inch blades made 1/4 inch balsa. The
    steppers get here tomarrow. can’t wait to get building! I will make a video
    soon of the results.

  3. Thanks. Enjoying your motor builds too, always something to think about,
    especially that recent self charging one.

  4. That’s the sticking point of all 5 printers here …they have Torx screws
    and my Dremmel is broken to cut a line across. Guess what, the Dremmel has
    Torx screws to get inside it LOL. If got big blades then steppers are
    great, they often kick out at least 3V per step if put LED across. Yeah,
    vertical cylinder type is another I want to try.

  5. Blown 3 up LOL. That is why I went with a zener. I built and tested a
    circuit yesterday and seams to hold 12.6V quite steady +-0.02. Now all I
    have to do is connect solar/wind to Lipo battery through it and see how it
    goes. I am grateful for all help in my projects. Thank you Kyle.

  6. Well done. At the moment all we got is very hot sun. So my solar panels
    will be doing well. My full Lipo “car battery” did 17.5hrs normal use. Next
    test is with solar/wind charging it through fixed voltage 12.6V zener and
    transistor regulator and operating as normal use. My system doesn’t get
    above 3.5Amps so current wise they wont be over charged. Video today I hope.

  7. Cheers and LOL. I can pull the white plumbing connector out of the top and
    all that’s left is the black pole. But it started as junk so it doesn’t
    matter so much 😉 We seem to have a tornado ‘season’ of late March to May,
    so if I was to get til March out of it that would be worth it.

  8. You should check out the thebackshed website to see how to de-cog your
    generator. They have some good resources on wind generators a little more

  9. Will take a look definitely, thanks. I’ve only made a couple of them but do
    like the idea of multiple source charging. For a stock printer motor it
    does fine, refining it all is the next stage :)

  10. It was too many amps. their limit is 4 and that’s what I wanted. Really
    need something people can build from scrap stuff. That don’t cost anything.
    Many thanks.

  11. Tinsnips are handy, As are big side cutters and bolt cutters. I have tied
    stuff to car and post, then pulled apart. I have thought about battery
    acid, to melt metal stuff… Used an axe a few times, for precision
    smashing. You could try HV cap discharge, to blow screw head off. Mot in
    high amp mode could be good for vaporizing screws too… I havn’t used the
    tig to melt screws yet, but I will now you made me think of it… OH! I
    know. Induction heat the screws out! Or B.A. Electromagnet puller!

  12. Well worth doing. Just takes a few minutes for something simple like this
    one with a spare motor. Steppers are awesome for such things btw…wonder
    if your 18V one would work…if you put an LED across 2 power wires and it
    lights by hand turns, you’d get a great use out of that one. The more the
    cogging the more power out, but bigger blades needed. They light LED’s in
    either direction too. Bit of grease on the shaft will protect from dew/rain
    rusting it :)

  13. If you go to the trouble of making a run of funny screws, To deter DIY’ers,
    you tend to do it in the hardest steel you can get. Often rules out
    drilling/grinding the heads off too. Other methods I have used, include
    heat, to melt plastic thread. Soldering iron on screw head for 30 secs
    should do it nicely. Cold chisel heads off. Or cold chisel split case, and
    snap screws halfway. Of sometimes just grinder the plastic around the
    screws. Failing all that heavy weight from height. cont,

  14. It would need to be bigger for a 12V batt, or run through a gearbox to spin
    a motor faster. In 10mph, this produced 4.14V and 210mA today as the top
    output, but average is more important, sitting this one as an AA type
    battery charger. Longer blades and a bigger motor would be the way forward.
    If you’ve got an old spare washing machine then go for it lol

  15. Cheers Tec, quick and simple but works. Needs some balancing and the
    direction changing sorting out, but in a steady wind it motors well.

  16. Been meaning to do a wind turbine for a while, got a few DC motors
    around… Will see if I can get a fan on one. Got a nice VAWT idea I want
    to try, might even run a small stepper. I get a lot of DC motors with hall
    sensors (Still good:)), and usually 1 stepper per printer. Stepper usually
    does paper feed. it’ll be the last thing out…