Why Borage? Borage and Bees in My Organic Garden


This is the second season I have grown Borage. It re-seeded throughout the garden, a pleasant surprise. It bloomed for me all summer last year, and I hope to…


  1. Hello. I planted 20 borage seeds around 3 weeks ago but none have
    germinated. Is there any thing specific about this seed? 

  2. I planted one of these in the fall, not really knowing much about it. It’s
    bloomed all winter and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down (I live in the
    deep south). I’m hoping it will last through our brutal summer. And boy, do
    the bees love them some borage flowers.

  3. Thanks! I will have to try it when I get around to planting a strawberry
    patch. Right now, I hope it attracts enough beneficial insects to help
    pollinate my squash.

  4. I know! I am even tempted to try cooking it! I think if I saute it, perhaps
    the little “pricklies” will cook away…we’ll see.

  5. Well, I am glad to introduce you to it. I planted it for the first time
    last year (suggested by a viewer). I like it so far.

  6. Thanks for the tip. I hope I have enough open pollinated veggies for them
    in the garden. I grow very few hybrid or self pollinating varieties, but I
    am always looking for more things to try. My dill is just about to burst
    into bloom. The bees should like it, that is if I don’t harvest the pollen
    first! It is suppose to be wonderful for cooking. This will be my first
    year harvesting the dill pollen. But I have many other things blooming too..

  7. Borage provides them lots of nectar but no pollen, they might get pollen
    from your other plants but add some mallows to the mix, they will get lots
    of pollen :)

  8. So pretty! I am loving my Borage plants too. They are getting huge and
    covered in those sparkly blue flowers :)

  9. I hope so! I hope to see it bloom. I have it near my tomatoes and its
    supposed to be a good companion to it. Have you eaten the leaves? Its
    supposed to taste like cucumber.