Betty’s Herb Garden Update–NO RECIPE–


Betty gives an update of her herb garden. I am at the herb garden to gather some basil, so I point out curly parsley, flat-leaf parsley, rosemary, tarragon, …


  1. Betty, you really have a great looking garden..cant believe the heat didnt
    get to it..only thing survived off mine was the big red cherry tomatoes
    that horn worms are hitting hard now and my okra did decent this year..been
    so hot & humid here I cant even breathe outside..cant wait for fall…your
    soil looks nice & rich too.

  2. @richardpeej No, actually the tall stalks that were gone by was dill which
    I somehow forgot to mention. The other casualty was the cilantro which is
    heavily used in Mexican cooking and quite a bit in Asian. Cilantro also
    supplies coriander (the seeds). Our summer has been hot, but fairly wet,
    and maybe that contributed to the demise of the cilantro. Thanks for your
    nice comments–Betty:)

  3. hi Betty i love your videos i wanted to ask you why dont you make brownies
    with chocolate fugde fronsting i know you will make it delicious

  4. Your garden is so great! :) My husband and I have been growing seedlings
    indoor now for about a month; we have tomatoes, peas, spinach, chives, and
    strawberries (they’ve not shown much growth). That’s too bad about your
    cilantro, but everything else looks to be doing really well. What sort of
    problems can you face with a garden? It would be great to hear your
    knowledge about gardening from your experience.

  5. @richardpeej I adore cilantro.Some like it and some don’t.Get a bunch of
    the fresh cilantro the next time you shop.Make sure its really fragrant and
    its wonderful in Mexican dishes.

  6. Love your garden! What animal is that animal behind you? You seem like you
    have a very good place:)) I love it:))

  7. The bell peppers in my garden are so weird — they turn out super tiny and
    super spicy. Maybe I’m picking them too early? Or maybe it’s the soil? I
    dunno. Your garden is looking great Betty, I can’t wait till I have more
    space next season =]

  8. @MrMarieBlanc Thanks for your nice comment! I will be planting this year’s
    herb garden when it gets a little warmer. –Betty :)

  9. FUN seeing other peoples gardens! Thank you. I am not even close to an
    expert, but I suggest your hot peppers (jalapenos and cayenne) could use
    more fertilizer earlier in the season. The plants can get much, much bigger
    and therefore produce much more fruit. I just pick ’em, rinse ’em, and put
    ’em in the freezer whole! Use them all year. NUM. You rock Betty!

  10. I love growing herbs for cooking and the fragrance…along with health
    benefits… Loved the butterfly at the end…great shot… Happy Cooking
    Betty… ~MM~

  11. Love your herb garden. I’m growing Basil indoors and Oregano outdoors. I
    usually do tomatoes but had to skip them this year. I look forward to fully
    tackling my herb garden next Spring. Thanks for sharing Betty, you’ve done
    a wonderful job:-)

  12. I grew tomatoes for a few years and stopped when the sun just baked them
    each July.I get the vine ripened ones now at the store.I also had a big
    rosemary bush and didn’t use the rosemary enough in my pork dishes.

  13. For a second there, I thought you had a sheep 0:24 =) You should go for a
    raised herb garden next season. Easier on the back and the animals can’t
    get to them as easily.

  14. Your herb garden is looking great Betty. Was the herb on the stalk , that
    you said ‘we did cut this back’ rosemary? I never heard of salantro before.
    I will try some of those bush tomatoes next year that’s for sure. Thanks
    for showing us around your herb garden Betty ;-)…Richard

  15. @TheMissyfiona The animal was probably our miniature silver poodle, Remy.
    He makes cameo appearances quite often in my videos. –Betty :)

  16. Your herb garden looks great! I love the border grass around it too. The
    Buddleia bush looks very healthy and full, and the butterflies enjoy it a
    lot I’m sure, along with the hummingbirds. I’m thrilled you have a
    cookbook! I’m going to order it. God Bless you and your family.