April 22/11 Senga’s Vlog Growing Crocuses in Your Lawn


Easter is a time where we think all things spring. And that means spring bulbs. Last fall I planted crocuses in our lawn. It is a simple and easy way to crea…


  1. Thank you for watching and your comments. That is a great idea and this
    spring I will look at doing some more tours of the garden as it evolves
    over the season.

  2. this video is life changing, thank you you should do narrated garden tour
    where you walk around you garden and show the specific plants ´╗┐

  3. Glad you enjoyed it and yet again they came back in my yard and douibled in
    blooms. Good luck and thanks for watching Cheers, Senga

  4. Nice video … I am about to plant some crocuses too in my front lawn. The
    idea of digging up turf seemed too much of a faff, your way using a sharp
    trowel seems much easier. Thanks !

  5. Can I ask how big of an area your yard is that you planted 300 bulbs? I’m
    looking to plant some in my front yard, and would like to have similar
    results. But I’m wondering how big of an area you think 300 bulbs can cover
    to get a similar look.

  6. So pretty! In my Wisconsin yard I planted my grass with crocus, but no one
    told me that the bunnies and deer love crocus. I have one or maybe two that
    they didn’t eat. I discovered that they didn’t eat scillas and they
    naturalize easily also. Thank you for your wonderful vlog. Smiles, Lark

  7. Hi There: Here in Vancouver it is the squirrels that get into our crocuses.
    So we plant them very late in the fall (ground almost frozen – for some
    reason they are not so much on the hunt for food (maybe stored away most of
    their stores) and I also add bloodmeal to each hole. An alnternative is
    that you might want to use minature daffodils. Seems like all critters are
    not fond of them. Cheers and thanks for watching Senga