Amateur Radio Tower Raised in Under 45 Seconds!


Testing my ham radio tower and new winch before installing any antenna. I hired a welder to build the tower stand for me. I poured the concrete and installed…


  1. Hi Dave I am in the process of building a tilt up tower like yours. My
    design is very similar to yours. I was glad to see how well yours worked.
    My tower is also a Roan 48′ free standing with the web legs rather than
    tube style. I would be interested to know the winch capacity. I was also
    going to connect to the tower at about the midway point. What are your
    feelings about the higher pick point? How did you connect to the tower?
    Great idea thanks for sharing it. Thanks, Jeff

  2. Very cool! I like your paint job on the tower too. I am installing my
    crank-up tower right now (September 2012) … I have been looking at other
    tower projects just for fun!

  3. Hello OM Ich had be called gladly known like the winch.? Exact types
    name.?? And how strong are the tubes where the rope runs drüber.?? I might
    build myself also such a rack. e-mail: Greeting from
    Germany . Vy, 73 Ingo,

  4. I understand, no problem. I just like your design out of all I’ve seen, I
    can tell someone put a lot of thinking in this one.Some people don’t
    understand the stress involved in this type of fixture.Thanks again enjoy
    the videos!

  5. @makitaman60 Sorry my tower stand needs further testing before I share it.
    I would not want to be somehow partly responsible for any accident. You
    might consider having an engineer design one for you. Thanks for your
    interest and 73.

  6. Nice. I thinking to similar, with oilfield pipe but I’m not smart enough to
    calculate all the angles & loads. A tower that short doesn’t need the
    hazard paint pattern. Did you do that to look like the big boys. 😉