#227 Freedom Garden 5/22/10 Seed Planting and Irrigation


The freedom garden is finally built, planted and self watering. Now I can return to HHO, PMM and the shed conversion to Zero Labs. Freedom garden jules dervaes seeds victory fertilization…


  1. My take is to first use a reverse osmosis filter to neutralize contaminants
    and then pass the water through a mineral filter to add the lost minerals.

  2. Hi ZFF, be advised there are additives in the domestic water supply. Check
    and see what additives are in yours and decide if that’s what you want to
    feed your vegetables. Regards, Andy

  3. @handyandy802 I have some of the best well water on earth. But you do have
    a valid point. What to do if your city water is fluoridated, chlorinated,
    etc? Ideas anyone?

  4. @thinkoutsideyourbox Are you actually trying to make an argument that there
    is no reward or joy to be had by working the Earth and growing your own

  5. @HHOPWR – that is hilarious … thanks … its been a rough day and I
    needed that … I think I got a solid month on Zero by being just a few
    hundred miles south … but I got a guy in Florida torturing me by telling
    me he is already picking tomatoes … so I gotta pick on you snow bunnies
    to feel better about being so far behind that guy … oh yeah, I hate
    possum … but stay outta my way if the old Ford pick up bumps into Bambi

  6. I was wondering how you were coming along with your project this morning as
    I ate strawberries plucked from my own garden … you should start seeing
    some sprouts in a couple weeks if everything goes well … by then I may be
    picking bush beans … it looks great but I think you will want the fence
    on one side to be easily removed so you will be able to step down the rows
    once the plants get tall … that small access might prove to be a problem

  7. I have heard that watering is best when the sun is NOT up in the sky
    because the sun can be magnified through the water drops as they sit on the
    plants. I tested this in California when I lived there and my grass did
    better with pre-dawn watering than mid morning. I know that this is
    counter-intuitive but anyway….

  8. @SmartScarecrow Scarecrow, I know you are ahead of Zero and myself. You
    have a great advantage with weather. You also have an advantage with the
    natural critters running around that you can eat. I will bet you have no
    Idea how many folks from Virginia it takes to eat a Possum. It really is
    pretty simple. It only takes TWO. One to wave the cars around while the
    other eats it. :) Larry

  9. @ZeroFossilFuel sorry to get back so late haven’t checked. What I do is let
    tap water stand 12 hours or so for consumption that is the conventional
    wisdom and then refrigerate at 4C and use that water to also water house
    plants. Something similar may be done for garden water also use rain water
    collected from roofs. Good to hear about your well water. I don’t know how
    valid letting water stand eliminates additives but water does taste better.

  10. Nice you have you own well Z Over here in Wa. the county I use to live in,
    is capping all the private wells, A thing with International health laws of
    the U.N. as adopted by mason county. Pretty cool hugh ? Gary

  11. I take it he had a smart (not so smart) comment. Why do jerks watch stuff
    they are going to complaing about? Zero, great project, as usual!