May 2014 Urban Container Garden Update


See the amazing growth in our container garden. The earth boxes and growums are very effective at wicking up the water that helps promote this amazing plant growth. What is composting, and…


  1. Your whole layout is great I really like the blue / green grow bags. Do you
    leave the suckers on all your larger tomato plants?

  2. Everything is coming along nicely veg. Was that my insecticide pepper spray
    recipe? I had never seen it burn a tomato plant before. I had it burn beans

  3. I got stevia plants from the nursery last year and they took over the pot.
    Be patient with it. Lots of neat plants!…………Have a great

  4. I don’t think (in my experience) that when you cut the tops from peppers
    they grow faster what they do is produce more peppers (fruit) over their
    life before succumbing to the lack of sunlight in the late fall.

  5. I am growing the Polish Linguisa also. It is a nice meaty tomato. Your
    plants look fantastic. Your Sage is VERY PRETTY. Do you dry the Sage?
    Brandywine is my FAVORITE tomato. You sure have a lot of varieties.

  6. We’ve not had much success with Stevia, our attempts have either died or
    bolted :-(

    Interesting use of camera perspectives… If I’m honest though, it may seem
    a little distracting?… I wonder if the reason for this is that the motion
    from these two sources are moving in different directions? Or perhaps it’s
    the difference in exposures?

    I must admit though, it’s nice to have some face time with those doing an
    update; especially for those whose on camera appearances are limited to a
    cameo by their left hand lol…

    The bracketing you give each clip, with some face time both fore and aft,
    do a good job at giving your handheld updates context…

    Hopefully I haven’t caused offence… It’s certainly not intended…

    Thanks for the post… Chris

  7. Wow. Six dill plants. I only have one and I have to keep chopping it down
    as it overshadows all the other herbs. To tell you the truth, I rarely ever
    use dill. I thought I would but…nada. So true about the insecticidal
    soap. It can really burn the leaves especially here in Florida where the
    sun is so strong. Your kale looks nice & healthy. I sure miss mine. The
    raccoons did a number on them. First year they were ever attacked by
    anything. Love the way you ended it with your little one swinging. Always
    enjoy your vids, my friend.

  8. Nice walk-through Wes.
    Like the interesting spread in your tomato varieties. Like you, I enjoy
    growing a big amount of different strains & varieties. Your tomato plants
    look very lush and healthy. Great.
    Are you going to try out cross breeding this summer with your plants? I`m
    growing both F1 and F2`s, and I must say there`s been some very interesting
    things showing up! I`ll soon do a tomato update vid.
    Your other plants looks great as well. Like your containers! Would like to
    have more of them, but they are far to expensive here. The vegetables I`d
    grow in them would proberly taste money.. 😉

    All the best, and happy growing mate.

  9. i am having the same problem with my broccoli and the cabageloopers as well
    as the aphids just started to try and take hold.