2010 Garden Vlog 6




  1. HEy buddy…Just planted my broccoli and colliflower as well as pumpkins
    about 3 weeks ago!!!! cant wait …We did so well with silver king corn
    this year and cucumbers have been phenomenal…No green beans however ever
    produced in side the corn?!?! wierd.

  2. @nickf1229 Hmmm, that is odd. I’ve always had pretty good luck with the
    beans I’ve planted in with the corn. I always make sure to loosen the soil
    up pretty good before I plant the beans. Also they need a fair amount of
    sunshine so if you plant in more than a couple of rows of corn they don’t
    get quite enough sun. Glad to hear your corn and cukes did so well though!

  3. I have a question I am growing tomatoes and only have one tomato so far
    looks like I have plenty of growth and some flowers but only one tomato . I
    don’t see any flowers on the ground .. I have no idea what the problem is
    my plants are tall like yours well not as tall maybe it is just too hot at
    night . I don’t know what to make of the situation ugh oh well

  4. @Blinkazoid If not I can always make pickled green tomatoes!! My
    grandmother used to make some really nice tasting, I wonder if my mother
    has the resipe.. :)

  5. @Blinkazoid Oh dear :(. It is soul destroying when you’ve nurtured
    something like that. I hope you find an effective solution!

  6. Trimmed away a lot of excess on my tomatoes today, even if it meant I had
    to lose some of the fruit in the process.. None of mine are anywhere near
    ripe yet, it’s getting a bit late now, me thinks.. Have trimmed away some
    yellow leaves as well, and spaced them out a bot.. :) Glad its all growing
    well, my garden is full of weeds!! Well, it was, we had a good couple of
    days gardening this weekend.. :)

  7. @Megzm6 I’m afraid I don’t know for sure what the problem is. You very well
    could be right though about it being the heat. The only other thing I can
    think of is that your soil might need some lime added. It won’t do any good
    to add it now however because it takes a while to work.

  8. Go away Blight! he has to take 150 maters to the house so I win the contest
    lol! Now I want a stuffed Bell Pepper! b’s up!! ~HiGH HeaD JeSTeR~

  9. @Blinkazoid I love these home grown tomatoes. The kind you’ll find in the
    supermarket are awful. I don’t blame kids if they say they don’t like
    tomatoes. Those kinds are tasteless and disgusting! We in the Netherlands
    have made tomatoes in to water bombs as the Germans call them. We grow them
    in green houses. Good to see nature at its best!

  10. @jmaprins I actually do eat a LOT of the tomatoes. I give a few away. The
    rest do get turned into soup. I probably made 5 gallons of vegetable soup
    last year which was a bit on the extreme side. I’ll be making some this
    year but not *that* much. Last year I had other garden ingredients such as
    corn, beans, and okra to add to it. I’ll have to buy a few things to add to
    it this year.

  11. @twish1999 I eat quite a few, give a few away and I’ll be making a giant
    pot of soup very soon which I’ll be putting in the freezer. It takes a TON
    of tomatoes for my giant pot of soup. Unfortunately the blight is looking
    quite a bit worse now so I won’t be getting quite as many as I’d hoped. I’m
    up to 163 at the moment.

  12. @artofbrowneyedgirl They’re starting to blight now unfortunately. I’ll
    still get LOADS of tomatoes off of them though. Still, it’s dissappointing
    that they’ll die before frost.

  13. wow I can’t believe the size of those tomato shade TREES. That is a
    stunning crop! I eat tomatoes nearly every day, year round- so am very
    jealous of your haul!

  14. The spots on your tomato plants leaves look the blight on my plants. They
    still produce and the toms are good. What do you spray on them to keep the
    blight away? I would rather wait for the red peppers too. I love to stuff
    the cubanelles with an herbed cream cheese mixture and wrap them in bacon.
    Nice maters!

  15. @Blinkazoid Not to late for broccoli and collieflower too!!!! Big ole dogs
    help intruders in the garden by the way LOL I have a bull dog and golden
    retiever to defend my families crops lol

  16. @cooksterz Bring plenty of vodka because I’ve got enough tomatoes to make
    an unlimited amount of bloody mary’s, LOL.

  17. I had bad luck the past two years. Last year, the neighborhood kids
    destroyed it and this year, it rained too much for even the containers.
    There’s still time for spinach, I guess.

  18. @thizizliz I don’t usually eat much bread but I make an exception for the
    short time each year that the tomatoes are in season. I’ve already eaten
    about 5 bacon and tomato sandwiches. I almost never eat bacon any other
    time of year either. So I guess it balances out. Tomatoes good for you,
    bacon bad. I actually do put up a few peppers every year in the freezer:)

  19. @Megzm6 MORE H20….Water at the root right before dark….TRUST ME and let
    me know in about 2 weeks if u see the difference..add a little mulch around
    the base too!!!! GOOD LUCK!