♥My Beautiful Lilacs,Bleeding Hearts and Other Spring Flowers in the Early Morning Sun♥


i made this video of my garden and flowers very early in the morning it was very peaceful.the lilacs look amazing so does my bleeding heart also tulips and hostas are blooming lilies coming…


  1. a year later from that other video wow how God made everything grow so
    beautiful for me its amazing how everything progressed!

  2. today was alot cooler only around 50 not good such drastic temp drops i
    went out early in the evening and clipped some tall grass what a big job i
    just hate how it grows all over theplace between my flowers and i have to
    make sure i don;t clip the wrong thing.my peonies will open next month also
    i need to get out and spray the grass in the garden and weeds with ths
    stuff i got im looking forward to your videos outdoors id loveto see some

  3. aww thanks yes my lilacs were amazing when i made that video now they are
    done for the season.id love to see a video of your flowers.my bleeding
    heart is also over for the season too can;t wait till other flowers open i
    have those beautiful purple wildflowers that are fragrant dames rocket i
    made yesterday.i need todo alot of weeding and remove the tall grass bought
    some stuff to spray.it got so hot here in the mid 80’s with high humidity
    made me feel sick its cooler today 40 degrees temp drop

  4. I need to get out and make one the lilics are really done but they were
    gorgeous & the peonys were beautiful but now there is a whole new bunch if
    stuff flowering trees & bushes all the rain has everything out of control
    but beautiful yesterday was soo hot but lastnight was soooo cool & nice &
    today highs only in the 60s yaaaa perfect..yea i get sick from high humity
    too hun..yur things are beautiful ill charge my new camcorder ..so i can
    start filming!! xoo

  5. Soo beautiful hunnie..ive enjoyed my lilics too,everything looks so
    beautiful…omg its still cold there hun ..its starting to warm up here &
    lots of storms ..everything is blooming like crazy …i made a new playlist
    so i can more of yur videos…yur so inspiring to me…hope it dont rain
    till later..loVe you~xoo